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  • TEC6: Are there any special features relevant to FIT?
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Are there any special features relevant to FIT?

Authors: Mirjana Huic, Eleftheria Karampli, Silvia Florescu, Cristian Vladescu

Internal reviewers: Antonio Migliore, Pernilla Östlund, Frida Mowafi, Daniela d’Angela, Jesus Gonzalez

Results {5-9}

iFOBT have improved test characteristics than gFOBT. In different settings, individual device characteristics like ease of use by participant and laboratory, suitability for transport, sampling reproducibility and sample stability are important and should be all taken into account when selecting the iFOBT most appropriate for CRC screening programme.

In contrast to gFOBT, iFOBT requires shorter transportation time frame due instability on room temperature (this should be taken in account when sending samples via different MSs postal systems, should be returned within 3 days); new investments in laboratory; staff education (instructions on routine use and maintance of the analyser is provided by manufacturers);  all three tests sample collection devices should be stored between 2 and 10 C in case of any delay in analysis, so refrigerated storage space are required. The number of analysers required will depend on the laboratory workload. iFOBT sample collection tubes will require disposal in rigid bins to contain any liquid, which requires different procedure and more manual handling.


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