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  • LEG2: Do laws/ binding rules require appropriate measures for securing patient data?
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Do laws/ binding rules require appropriate measures for securing patient data?

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  •  There are clear regulations on data protection at the European Union (EU) level {29} which are adapted accordingly in the member states.
  • Due to good social acceptance of the disease (AAA) and no indications of social stigmatisation (including occupational or financial harm to the patient) data protection is not considered to have higher relevance than is usually stated.
  • Existing data protection is appropriate for the patient in the case of AAA screening.

Existing data protection regulations on an international level {30}, are already adapted and integrated in all of the EU countries and in Norway and Switzerland. {31} Theoretically, in cases where no data security is in place, what are the consequences of unprotected data for the patient?

  • Harm to dignity: probably not. AAA is not the kind of disease that is socially unacceptable, or has similar consequences.
  • Decreased chances in markets: in the job market—probably not for people aged 65 or more; in the private (health) insurance market —(higher contributions, refusal of contract) —probably not at that age.
  • Potential for misuse by the provider according to civil law (such as purchased life annuity).

AAA in people aged 65or more probably does not usually influence new contracts with private (health) insurers.

AAA, if diagnosed, is not in special need of unusually high data protection due to stigmatisation. It is a diagnosis that leads to a surgical intervention and has no further chronic implications.

Data networks and data communication between different diagnostic and treatment providers are protected data sources for improved quality management and scientific research, and are included under the data protection regulations.

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