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  • TEC7: In what place and context are Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Screening strategies intended to be used?
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In what place and context are Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Screening strategies intended to be used?

Authors: Daniela Pertl, Sophie Brunner-Ziegler

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Along the whole screening process, mentioned in result card TEC 1, different healthcare settings are affected.

Population-based systematic screening programme

In a population-based systematic screening programme, the testing of the people entering the programme can be undertaken in inpatient and outpatient settings. For example in the UK, ultrasound scanning for AAA is undertaken within community healthcare facilities. These are dedicated screening clinics, for example community clinics, community hospitals, mobile units or primary care facilities. Additionally, the patients themselves and general practitioners should be informed about the results of the test and whether or not referral to a vascular consultant in a hospital outpatient department or vascular centre is required (for surveillance, diagnosis and/or monitoring). The surgical treatment for AAA is undertaken in a vascular unit. {5}

In Sweden, screening is performed in imaging departments at hospitals or in separate units that specialise in ultrasonography. {8}

Various opportunistic screening practices

For various opportunistic screening practices for AAA no specified place or context is defined. Various opportunistic screening practices are usually done in the primary care setting, in most cases as an add-on investigation to other primary prevention investigations. In case of borderline positive screening results patients are usually referred to specialised units, such as a department for internal medicine with a major focus on cardiovascular diseases.

Question refers partly to RC-ORG1, RC-ORG5, RC-ORG6, RC-ORG16 and RC-ORG17.

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