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  • CUR13: How is the diagnosis of AAA currently managed?

How is the diagnosis of AAA currently managed?

Authors: Pseudo218 Pseudo218, Pseudo73 Pseudo73

Internal reviewers: Paolo Giorgi Rossi, Lotte Groth Jensen

The results from the EUnetHTA survey list open surgery and endovascular surgery for treating high risk AAAs as follows:

  • Austria: open surgery with aortic grafts or abdominal stent
  • Croatia: open surgery or EVAR
  • Finland: open or endovascular surgery
  • Latvia: open surgery (common) or endovascular surgery (for patients participating in clinical trial)
  • Lithuania: open or endovascular surgery
  • Slovakia: open surgery or stent graft
  • Spain: open surgery or EVAR
  • Sweden: open or endovascular surgery
Pseudo218 P, Pseudo73 P Result Card CUR13 In: Pseudo218 P, Pseudo73 P Health Problem and Current Use of the Technology In: Jefferson T, Vicari N, Frønsdal K [eds.]. Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Screening [Core HTA], Agenzia nationale per i servizi sanitari regionali (, Italy; 2013. [cited 28 May 2023]. Available from: