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  • CUR1: Which (potential) health problem will be addressed by AAA screening?

Which (potential) health problem will be addressed by AAA screening?

Authors: Pseudo218 Pseudo218, Pseudo73 Pseudo73

Internal reviewers: Paolo Giorgi Rossi, Lotte Groth Jensen

An AAA is a pathological focal dilatation of the abdominal stem artery. The AAA bears the risk of rupture. The rupture of the aneurysm is a traumatic emergency condition with a high risk of death. Immediate emergency surgery may reduce the risk of death (peri-operative mortality for emergency repair was described as between 40% and 60% {5}) but is often not available because of uncertainty about the time of rupture. The risk of rupture increases with the diameter of the dilatation {4}. The cut-off point for preventive surgery is 5.5 cm {27}. Elective repair is indicated for AAAs with a diameter of 4.0 to 5.4 cm {18}. A screening programme is indicated to identify AAA with a high risk of rupture. Identified individuals are offered preventive surgery to reduce their individual risk of the negative consequences of a spontaneous rupture.

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