Element card for assessment element B0001 in HTA Core Model Application for Pharmaceuticals (2.0) application

B. Description and technical characteristics of technology

Features of the technology

What is this technology and the comparator(s)?


This is relevant in all assessments. Use the descriptions of the technology and comparator(s) defined in that scope and elaborate them here in more detail. Technology may include a single device, a questionnaire, imaging or sequence of technologies. The HTA may address one or several similar technologies.

Describe separately for the technology and the comparator: the type of device, technique, procedure or therapy; its biological rationale and mechanism of action, and also, describe how the technology differs from its predecessors, and the various current modifications or different manufacturers’ products, especially if the dissimilarities affect performance.

Manufacturers´ sites, published literature including reviews, textbooks, introduction sections of research articles, effectiveness studies, clinical experts, studies in basic science, HTA-reports.





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