HTA Core Model

The HTA Core Model has been developed as applications, each focusing on the assessment of specific types or uses of health technologies. The HTA Core Model currently comprises the following applications, organized here according to their primary use.

The HTA Core Model® is a registered trademark. All use of the Model is subject to Licence.

Current version

For production of core HTAs:

For production of rapid HTAs:

Core HTAs contain an extensive assessment of health technology through utilizing all nine domains of HTA included in the HTA Core Model.
Rapid HTAs contain a narrower analysis of health technology, limited to a subset of domains and performed typically in a faster pace.

In addition to producing core HTAs or rapid HTAs, the applications can be used for other purposes as well, provided that the Terms of Use are followed (see bottom of page).

Public drafts

  • All contents of version 2.1 Public Draft View [pdf]
  • All contents of version 3.0 Public Draft View [pdf]

Archived versions

  • Rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessment of Pharmaceuticals (3.0) View [pdf]